November 12th – Gregory Leon

A recent transplant to Milwaukee, Chef Gregory León was originally born in Oklahoma but grew up around the kitchen table in Venezuela.  For the past eighteen years he has been cooking his way up the line in some of the hottest kitchens in San Francisco, including Hibiscus, Poesia, and Tapeo. Gregory describes his style of cooking as uncomplicated but with depth, always seasonal and with a soul. He is fond of the flavors of Spain, Portugal and The Deep South.


Gregory brings us recipes from his childhood in Venezuela, including:

1) Arepas: A staple of Venezuelan cooking – Rounded cakes made from twice cooked cornmeal, usually cooked on a gridel and then finished in the oven, eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2) Carne Mechada: one of the classic fillings for Arepas – Flank Steak that’s been boiled and shredded and the re fried with Onions, Peppers and Tomatos. Seasoned with Adobo.

3) Quesillo: The Venezuelan flan – A custard made of eggs, milk and sugar, cooked in a water bath and covered in a caramel syrup. This recipe comes from an old family friend and has a secret ingredient.


Regular ticket price: 

$30 for 1

$50 for 2 – bring a friend or make it a date!