KASANA Gourmet

Here at KASANA, our philosophy is to start with great ingredients.  We use vegetables freshly harvested by local farmers, untouched by chemicals, and unadulterated by preservatives.  The meat used in our creations is always preservative free, hormone free, and all natural, from animals raised in healthy and respectful conditions.  This means that the food is already delicious before it even gets to us – there is no need to disguise it! From here we only shape it, using the rich, cultural, culinary traditions passed down to us through generations, and presented to you with KASANA’s signature attention to aesthetic detail.  We believe that every meal should be a celebration, full of seasonal flavor and pure enjoyment, whether it’s your daughter’s wedding or a sandwich from the office vending machine.  You are what you eat, so make sure your food is as wonderful as you are!

Photo by Tres Jolie Photos

KASANA Gourmet brings personalized, lovingly crafted menus for you anywhere you need to be – in your office, your house, your community center or park.  We can also help you create the event of your dreams in one of our own beautiful event spaces.  KASANA makes its home in a elegantly renovated 10,000 square foot space in the garden level of 241 N. Broadway, in the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee.  Almost a third of that space belongs to the Gallery, our prime event space, perfect for large receptions and dinner events.  We also offer a smaller event space called the Garden Room, where we offer a variety of special events such as pop-up dinners, cooking classes, lectures, and tasting events.

Photo by Tres Jolie Photos

We are unique in that we are not just a catering company; we are a multifaceted food business comprised also of Good to Go, special event spaces, perhaps most unusually, a membership-based shared kitchen known as the KASANA Collective.  We invite other small food producers to share our kitchen and to create their own events in our dining rooms, which means KASANA is helping to empower the community and stimulate the economy.  In return we gain wisdom, skills, and flavors from the talented chefs who bring their ideas to  our space.

KASANA is a dynamic company that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Milwaukee and the natural beauty and bounty of Wisconsin’s good harvests, with an air of cosmopolitan grace.  I invite you to sample some of our products and experience for yourself what a difference good food can make. Please call to set up an appointment for a tasty, informative meeting about KASANA.