Thinking of Starting a Garden?

There is a lot of chatter on the internet regarding food. It’s generally agreed that Genetically-Modified foodstuffs are a bad thing, both for the environment and, more importantly, bad for your health.


The easy answer is for you to start growing your own herbs and fresh veggies, and this can sometimes be easier said than done. Where to start? If you live in an apartment you can always grow herbs in pots indoors, just give them plenty of sunlight. If you have space outside that you can use for a garden, all the better.


There is plenty of advice online that will give you information on ideal locations, planting and care of seeds and plants, and if you check out the different brands’ websites you can often find out a lot on their “about us” pages. Some make a point of mentioning that they do not use GMO seeds, and I would steer clear of those that do not make a point of doing so, just in case.


Using your home-grown produce in your cooking is not only cheaper, but there is no question that the food will be more flavorful, of higher quality and much, much better for you.


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