Cooking Class with Alice’s Garden Gourmet Shalanna Wright

Would you like to get a sneak preview of one of the most creative new food businesses to open in Milwaukee? Do you like to explore new cuisines and learn new tricks for the kitchen?  This is your chance! KASANA now offers cooking classes every Monday night!

Each week we will welcome a different guest chef into our space to demonstrate how to cook some of their favorite foods. Guests will enjoy a sample of each dish created, paired with a tasting of wine or beer, to add to the tasting experience.

Our first class will be held just over a week from today on Monday, October 29th with guest chef Shalanna Wright!



Shalanna Wright’s interest in food began at an early age, whether it was helping her grandmother cook and setting the table, or taking her notebook and pen, walking around the table asking everyone what it is that they would like to eat.  Her childhood played a big role in her current career choice. She studied culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina before returning home to Milwaukee to begin her culinary career.

Shalanna is now owner of QL’s Catering, Foodservice Manager in Aramark’s K-12 education unit, where she manages Dominican High School’s foodservice program.  She is also the resident chef at Alice’s Garden, an urban garden on Milwaukee’s north side, where she teaches the gardeners different methods of preparing their harvested foods.


Shalanna’s three dishes are Chilean salmon, grilled vegetable wrap, and homemade salsas.  The Chilean salmon is marinated in a blend of fresh spices, juices, and oil.  It can then be grilled, sauteed, or baked to finish the cooking process.  On the side, a variety of seasonal vegetables are grilled and wrapped in a tortilla, accompanied by a honey sesame spread.  Finally, Shalanna makes mango, cantaloupe, pineapple, and tomato salsas. These go great with appetizers but are the best when paired with entrees such as fish, chicken, beef, and pork. So if you are looking for some new ideas for your favorite entree, try making one of these salsas and make your taste buds jump for joy!

Regular ticket price: 

$30 for 1

$50 for 2 – bring a friend or make it a date!